Certified Home inspectors of Utah (435)255-0635
Certified Home inspectors of Utah(435)255-0635

Certified Home inspectors of Utah Serving all of Utah (435) 255-0635: Your full service inspection provoder. Buyers, pre sales, Radon, C02 , Investors. Call now for your no obligation quote. (435)255-0635



Certified Home Inspectors of Utah® provides its clients with in depth inspection services. Often same day service available.  We can customize a complete home inspection package to fit your specific needs and concerns including services beyond a basic inspection that covers all areas and systems of the home from foundation to rooftop and everything in between, plumbing, HVAC, ventilation, insulation, electrical, all structural components, and even installed appliances. In addition we offer Radon testing, mold inspections, pest inspection, substance (ie:meth etc) surface and ventilation residual inspection and identification. Some of these services require an additional 1-5 business days for certified professional lab results. An average of two days is most common. We are familiar and experienced with the required inspection minimums and formats of the Veterans Administration, and The U.S. Department of agriculture Housing and Rural Development housing programs. Often Certified Home Inspectors of Utah® as part of our commitment to the community will provide for our valued clients a re-inspection, post repair work (should any be needed) free of charge. We also offer Veterans and Senior discounts. Our Inspectors are required to be active in continuing industry education. We also only employ those with strong backgrounds in Home Construction, and must adhere to our strict ethical standards as well as those of the state and industry as a whole. Most of our highly trained inspectors are semi-retired, or medically retired General Contractors that specialize in residential construction and home repair. Often we will provide suggestions on steps that can be taken for resolutions to concern areas. And inform our clients of possible future areas of concerns to monitor, general maintenance procedures, and when appropriate provide estimated life expectancy of systems for the purpose of empowering the client with the knowledge needed to budget and prepare for future expenses. We take pride in what we do and in our name. Our philosophy is that its our duty and honor to not simply inspect but also to protect the members of our communities, our neighbors, and our clients by providing valuable knowledge without opinionated, aesthetic, and unsubstantiated claims or concerns. Certified Home Inspectors of Utah understands the ethical requirements of the industry, and the potential impact an inspection report can have upon a lenders decision. We remain objective and always include a concerns impact and level of significance. At times we may suggest seeking out a licensed contractor to further evaluate a system or concern, but will never refer any particular contractor or company. Concern should be given of any inspector or inspection company that practices such, as this could present questions in regards to ethics and conflicts of interest. Your interest is our interest. 


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